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Leanrning Enrichment Corporation

2000 - operations concluded

1998 - 501(c)(3) non profit approved

1997 - classroom visits ongoing

1996 - Leanring Enrichment Corporation organized

1994 - envisioned MEL Project

1993 - sponsored weather kids field trip

1992 - began partnership with local schools

             Jeff pioneered a small business partnership

             with 2nd grade classroom for three years to

             provide classroom volunteer help and grants

             to supplement science curriculum.







In 1994, he sponsored a student field trip to KCRA Weather Kids. This inspired the MEL Project. Jeff went on to deliver innovative enrichment programs for art, science and geography to over 6,000 students. The Learning Enrichment Corporation was established as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization to facilitate these effort. Jeff served as Executive Director for four years.

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Learning Enrichment Corporation - 501(c)(3)

Field trips were a challenge. Increased costs, time constraints and logistical problems drew a line

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